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Select from our wide range of options – You do not all have to do the same caving activity even if you are travelling together

Featured below  is a variety of  Cave tours and  Cave Combos

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Waitomo Caves Afternoon Tour    $219pp

Only available from Rotorua

Starts only in Rotorua – Can finish in Auckland or Rotorua                       

Hotel pickups  ( Central areas of Rotorua only) from 1:20pm –  Return to Rotorua by 7pm or arrive in Auckland approximately 7:45pmwaitomo

The Waitomo Glowworm Caves occupy a high placing in the New Zealand vacation wish-list. The glow worm, Arachnocampa luminosa, is unique to New Zealand. Thousands of these tiny creatures radiate their unmistakable luminescent light from the roof of the  Waitomo Caves

You will travel through Rural NZ landscape from Rotorua to the Waitomo Caves ( approximately  1 hour and  50 minutes) On arrival you will join a guided tour of the  caves, conducted by a local guide – the highlight of which is the  boat ride along the Waitomo River where you have the opportunity to see the myriad of glow worm lights that make up the Glowworm Grotto.

On exiting the Cave you will re-join your coach for  your  onward journey to Auckland or Rotorua


Cave Combos

Depart 7:am Hotel pickup from 6.30am (From Auckland)          Depart 8:00am Hotel pickup from 7:45am (From Rotorua)

We have people choosing different caving activities on the same day. If you choose a shorter  activity you may have some free time .


WO1 – Waitomo and Aranui Caves   $258 pp

Tour includes:

Tour and boat ride at the Waitomo Cave    Lunch at the  Waitomo Caves Restaurant     Guided tour of  the Aranui Cave   Transport to and from Auckland or Rotorua

Aranui Cave  is set in the Ruakuri Scenic Reserve, 5 minutes drive from the Waitomo Glowworm Caves. It is named after Ruruku Aranui, the local Maori man who first discovered this previously aranuihidden gem back in 1910. Aranui Cave has a natural cave entrance and is the smallest and most delicate of Waitomo’s three main caves. As a dry cave without a river running through it, it houses very little life past its entrance.

However, just inside the entrance is a colony of native New Zealand cave wetas and further into the cave is the most beautiful collection of stalactites, stalagmites, flowstones and decorative formations. Aranui Cave is a magical, mystical place that is steeped in Maori myth and legend. As such, it occupies a very special place in the hearts of the people of the Waitomo district. Visit soon to see the richly varied cave formations within close-up view and enjoy an experience you will never forget.

This is our  shortest  Combo and you may have  up to 3 hours of free time – We do spread this during the day between your activities

WO2 – Waitomo and Ruakuri Caves   $280 pp

Tour includes:

Tour and boat ride at the Waitomo Cave    Lunch at the  Waitomo Caves Restaurant     Guided tour of  the Ruakuri Cave   Transport to and from Auckland or Rotorua

ruakuriAccording to Maori legend, Ruakuri Cave (rua meaning den, and kuri meaning dog) was first discovered 400-500 years ago by a young Maori hunting for birds. Ruakuri Cave offers a captivating blend of Waitomo’s most compelling subterranean experiences. Journey down through the spectacular spiral entrance, and marvel at the softly folding shawl-like limestone formations and crystal tapestries. Hear the distant thunder of the subterranean waterfalls and get up close to the glowworms.

Ruakuri Cave is New Zealand’s longest guided underground walking tour and an experience that must be seen to be believed. It will leave you open-mouthed, awe-struck and humbled by the sheer majesty of nature.    Ruakuri Cave has full wheelchair and pushchair access

This tour has about 5 hours of activities  so you may have  up to 2 hours of free time during the day



WO3- Three Caves Waitomo, Aranui  and Ruakuri Caves   $315 pp

Tour includes:

Tour and boat ride at the Waitomo Cave    Lunch at the  Waitomo Caves Restaurant     Guided tour of  the Ruakuri Cave and  Aranui Caves    Transport to and from Auckland or Rotorua

ruakuri2Spend your day  moving from above ground to underground in the caves  Visit three very different caves

This tour has about 6.5 hours of activities  so you will have very little spare time in the day


Other Caves –

We work with every caving supplier at Waitomo – If you want to book a day trip including Spell Bound  or a mixture of the  caves and the adventure tours please send us the request and we will send you the price and  let you know if there is enough time  – for more information about caving adventures follow the link to Blackwater Rafting


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